I became fascinated with the concept of brain boosting pills after seeing the movie “Limitless”. I immediately took my phone out and started researching whether there was anything even remotely as powerful as NZT. I came across pills, brain games and puzzles and slightly more obscure practices such as breathing techniques, meditation and very weird exercises. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to give me the incredible results I was looking for.

So inspired by a phenomenal and slightly unrealistic view of what the brain is possible of; I searched deeper, and deeper until I found something that would change my life. This website is devoted to the research me and my team have done on the science behind brain boosting supplements. We aim to find that magic brain supplement that can make us all smarter, and we’ll continue to research, try and test all the brain pills we can possible find and share our reviews with you.

pills that make you smarterSo to answer the initial question of whether we can really get smarter. The answer is a definite YES! But it’s not that simple.

Let’s look at some initial research that was done by some clever researchers at Princeton University. These scientists successfully created smarter mice by inserting a gene into the mice that boosts brain cell activity and it worked. The new and improved mice were able to navigate new mazes faster and were recognizing objects faster than non-modified mice. The implications are huge of this discovery, since it could mean that we as humans could be capable of learning faster and doing things with our mind that were thought impossible previously. But as far as we known, this research has been limited to rodents only!

While we can’t genetically modify our own brains at this time, there are plenty of brain pills, supplements, herbs and foods that have shown some promising results. Let’s look at some of the best and most popular brain boosters.

What Are Brain Pills?

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is perhaps the most well known brain boosting ingredients right now. In the October 22-29, 1997 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was shown that an extract of Ginkgo biloba could help improve mental performance. This has lead to this herb generating more than $240 million in sales a year over the world. This is impressive, and we’ll do our own review of whether this really helps boost brainpower. But for now, lets find out what some of the other brain supplements are and what they can really do.


brain booster pillsSo what other kinds of ingredients are showing promise? Well, recently studies have shown that phosphatidylcholine has an incredible potential to improve brain health. In one study that was published in Neurology, it was found that phosphatidylserine, or PS, can help boost neurotransmitters, hence helping the brain signal more effectively, thereby making us smarter. The scientific research is inconclusive whether this is the magic pill we’re looking for, but it does show plenty of promise. We’ll therefore review some supplements that contain this potentially ground-breaking ingredients to help make you think faster.

Recently, some really intelligent people at Cornell University found evidence to support the use of choline supplementation as well, but more research is needed on how it actually affects those wanting to increase their brain power with supplements.

Prescription Drugs

Many people frequently take prescription drugs, which work as memory supplements. A prime example of this is Adderall, which is usually prescribed for ADHD. Another popular prescription drug with so-called brain enhancing properties is modafinil, which is used to help with sleep disorders.

The main issue with taking copious amounts of these drugs is that there can be side effects, some of which might even surpass the benefits of taking them. So we certainly do prefer natural smart drugs that do no harm, such as nootropics, which we’ll cover shortly. But again, in an unregulated market, many pills are being sold with lots of fake promises but little substance. So it’s always worth researching side effects for both prescription drugs and any all-natural supplements you’re thinking about trying yourself.


Then there’s Nootropics, which is the must have drug in Silicon Valley these days. We’ll be devoting plenty of time on this topic as well, since the scientific evidence might not be sufficient right now to get excited about it; user reviews show a lot of promise. Nootropics is a broad class of the aptly named “cognitive-enhancing” drugs. These drugs claim to enhance productivity and provide you with increased intensity of focus without all the side effects of prescription drugs.

This brain hack isn’t new, but has gained popularity recently by the technology crowds. The word nootropics was actually invented in 1972 by Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian doctor.

We’re reviewing as many different nootropics as we can (assuming they work, you will see the quality and quantity of the articles go up I guess? 🙂 )

So far, the top three brain pill reviews we have completed are:

  1. Lumonol review
  2. Piracetam review
  3. Ciltep review

An entire movement has been created in finding the best combinations, frequently referred to as nootropics stacking. We are doing an incredible amount of research so that we can teach you the most effective combination of all the different nootropics (and any other promising ingredients). The idea is that you take this stack on a daily basis and see better and faster results than if you would take just a single supplement. Our guide to the best nootropic stack will show you exactly what supplements to take for the results you’re looking for.