I’ve been looking for something that comes close to a real-life Limitless pill ever since I saw the movie. Advertising seems to claim that Lumonol is the real-life NZT, so I decided to test and review this brain supplement. Does it come close to NZT? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking!

lumonol reviews

What is Lumonol?

Nutritional supplements have been around for some time now and their popularity shows no sign of waning in the near future. Brain-stimulating and cognitive performance-enhancing supplements in particular have become incredibly popular. The result is that everyone from business people and students to athletes and scientists are popping brain pills clamoring for a chance to expand their cognitive horizons and mental capacities. Lumonol is one of the more popular brain supplements that has taken the world by storm.

Lumonol is a nootropic product that targets brain tissue. It improves and amplifies brain functions including concentration and memory allowing the user to make the most of their mental capacity. It is available in the form of pills and capsules, so it’s pretty hassle free (as opposed to some powdered products). Here we review  Lumonol so that you can make an informed decision when buying your next nootropic supplement.

What Does Lumonol Do?

In general, nootropic substances target brain cell and amplify stimulation. The result is improved brain activity. Below are some of the results of this Lumonol-stimulated activity:

* Improved memory

If you experience recall deficiencies then Lumonol might just be what you need. It won’t turn you into a genius with perfect recall but it will significantly improve your ability to access working memory.

* Improved focus and alertness

A distracted mind is a hindrance to productivity. Lumonol helps you stay focused on the task at hand ensuring that you do your very best.

* Calming the nerves

Lumonol has a tranquilizing effect and helps the user calm down in agitating situations. The calmness and tranquility clears the mind and allows you to go about your business without problems.

* Improved productivity

The brain stimulation and enhancement of cognitive function greatly improves overall productivity of the user. Effects such as improved recall, alertness and hand-eye coordination ensure that you do a fantastic job. This works whether you are an academic, an athlete or any other profession that involves the use of both your body and mind.

* Reduces stress and irritability

The product has a mood enhancing effect and ensures that you are happy and smiling at all times.

* Overall brain nutrition and health

The ingredients in this product don’t simply amplify brain activity. They provide the cells and all tissues with the nutrition and energy required to perform at the enhanced level.

Lumonol Ingredients (And What They Do)

The ingredients in Lumonol contribute to the product’s nootropic effect and the key ingredients include:

  1. Guarana – Contains guaranine which is a functional analogue of caffeine and help with the focus and alertness aspect of Lumonol.
  2. Ginkgo biloba – Extracts from this herb target blood vessels in the brain. They increase perfusion and ensure that brain cells have all they need to function optimally.
  3. Noopept – This is the key ingredient in Lumonol and has energizing, focusing and performance enhancing features.
  4. Vitamin B12 – The brain cells need energy to perform at an amplified level and the vitamin B12 acts as a coenzyme in a number of energy-forming processes in the brain.
  5. Tyrosine and Serine – These are amino acids and contribute mainly to the alertness effect of Lumonol.
  6. Others – Panax ginseng and citicoline have a memory enhancing effect whereas Alpha GPC and picamilon have an energizing effect.

Any Scientific Research?

There haven’t been any specific studies that we could find that determine the effectiveness of Lumonol as a cognitive enhancement supplement. However, many of the ingredients have been tested extensively. These include the Noopept, ginkgo biloba, Guarana and Alpha GPC. It therefore safe to say that as a blend of these ingredients, the actions and effectiveness of Lumonol have been indirectly tested, and many of these have shown great promise.

Does Lumonol Work?

lumonol reviewThe answer to this question is reserved yes. But it really depends what you’re expectations are. As we’ve seen, it’s clearly no magical pill and it won’t turn your life around by just popping a few capsules a day. However, after reading many Lumonol customer reviews, we’ve learned that some people swear that these capsules makes them smarter, more focused and improves their memory.

The different ingredients present in Lumonol individually and cumulatively contribute to the many different effects that the product claims to provide. However, you as the consumer have a major role to play in order to ensure that the supplement actually works. A healthy balanced diet and regular exercise will help keep you in good enough shape to reap the maximum benefits from Lumonol.

People who have used Lumonol generally like it. There’s a mixture of positive and negative customer reviews, but overall it tilts towards it being a great product. Due to the aggressive advertising, the expectations can be a little exaggerated causing some customers to be very disappointed.

The fact that it is in pills and capsules makes it very easy to use and monitor usage. The icing on the cake is the fact that the supplement actually works and this is what keeps Lumonol fans coming back for more time and again.

Any Side Effects?

Lumonol is a herb based supplement and with most of the ingredients being natural, there are very few if any problems associated with its use. There are, however, a few cases of side-effects and negative reactions. Some of the possible side-effects of using Lumonol include:

  • Some users have linked the use of Lumonol to caffeine cravings.
  • Overuse can lead to headaches due to the vasodilation effect.
  • It could lead to hyperactivity in already hyper users especially children.

It’s clearly a good idea to consult your doctor if you have any doubt before taking this, or if you experience any side effects after taking these supplements.