I’m forever looking for ways to get smarter and boost my brain power. Most of the brain pills I’ve reviewed so far have done very little. But OptiMind seems different, especially seeing that they are so confident of their product, they actually give it away for free (more on that later). This brain supplement also shows a lot more promise, so I decided to do a full OptiMind review to determine whether this is the brain booster we’ve all been looking for.

What Is OptiMind?

optimind reviewOptiMind is a nootropic (a fancy word for smart drugs) which claims to help you focus, boost your energy levels and help you use your brain in better, more creative ways. That all sounds great, but before popping pills we need to know whether it actually works, whether it is dangerous (are there serious side-effects) and whether there is any scientific evidence to back all of this up.

The website claims that the product gives you a bi-fold benefit. You should experience a boost in focus, energy and alertness almost immediately. That by itself is great, but there’s more. In the long run, you should experience increased cognitive function.

Quality is important in any supplement, so it’s good to see that OptiMind is produced in a GMP certified laboratory in the USA, with purity tests done on each batch.

The first thing I always do is look at unbiased customer reviews. The good news is that it is helping plenty of people. It’s used by students to stay awake (without coffee), entrepreneurs (to boost creativity), athletes (to boost performance) and just anyone who needs a little jolt in their daily lives. Custer reviews of OptiMind are incredibly positive. Some people even claim it’s an amazing hangover cure, and lifts brain fog.

OptiMind Ingredients

optimind ingredients

Let’s take away all the clever marketing, the cool looking website, the testimonials, and look what’s under the hood. The real key to any nootropic is the ingredient list. OptiMind is formulated with 12 different ingredients, all helping to boost your concentration, focus or mood.

Caffeine – there’s a serious amount of caffeine in each pill, 150 milligrams to be exact. To put this into context, a normal 8 oz coffee cup contains 95 milligrams of caffeine. So it will give you a caffeine boost!

Alpha Lipoic acid – This is an antioxidant made by the body, and it helps turn glucose into energy. It has been shown that alpha-lipoic acid can easily pass into your brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier. However, there is no real scientific evidence to show that it actually works to help your brain be more efficient. Having said that, evidence does show promise that it does improve nerve blood flow, which is great. But regardless of current research, it is a potent antioxidant that improves cellular energy levels making it a worthy ingredient in a brain supplement.

Vitamin D-3 – Two new studies (in Cambridge and Manchester) have shown that low levels of Vitamin D impair cognitive function. It’s not entirely clear yet whether taking more of this vitamin will help boost your brain power, but not having enough is clearly not a good thing. Bear in mind, that your body does synthesize a hefty amount of Vitamin D when exposed to the sun.

Vitamin B-12 – It’s been shown that this Vitamin can enhance nerve signals, provide antioxidants and do plenty of other good stuff.

Sulbutiamine – a form of synthetic vitamin B1, which appears to alleviate fatigue and help improve memory by helping you retain information (more scientific studies needed on this).

Phosphatidylserine – an amino acid which boosts cognitive functioning. Has shown promise in improving memory in the elderly and can help reduce stress. There’s also signs that you can increase your attention span and processing speed

GABA – is taken to reduce anxiety and treat ADHD (thus helping to increase concentration). There is some evidence that it can help improve your mood as well.

Huperzine-A – while it comes from huperzia serrata, a Chinese club moss, the end product is highly purified. This substance has a lot of science behind it, but to simplify it a little, the basics are that it is a cognitive enhancer. It works by inhibiting acetylcholine from breaking down, thereby improving memory. Acetylcholine is a chemical used by nerves to communicate in the brain and muscles. It’s also referred to as the learning neurotransmitter.

Tyrosine – Multiple studies have shown that taking tyrosine can improve mental performance (the best results where for those who were under stressful conditions). There is also additional research that seems to suggest tyrosine can help increase alertness when sleep deprived, in fact, it can improve both reasoning and memory when sleep-deprived, making it attractive for students staying up all night to study.

Taurine – Made famous in the energy drink Red Bull, which lead to some interesting studies. While not conclusive, clinical research shows that taurine can improve both reasoning and attention, but doesn’t necessarily improve your memory.

Vinpocetine – a compound extracted from the Periwinkle plant. This is a common nootropic, and research does suggest that it might boost memory and enhance blood flow. Much more scientific research is needed to really prove it cognitive boosting properties.

Bacopa monnieri – another nootropic herb used to boost cognitive powers, that has been used in Ayurveda for longevity. Again, more research is needed, but there is a evidence that it does improve memory (only when taken over a long-time period such as four to six weeks). It has also been to shown to prevent anxiety, but this is not as well researched as the cognitive enhancement properties (specifically increase of memory formation).


So should you buy OptiMind? Well, the list of ingredients is impressive. While it’s not the cheapest brain supplement, it is cheaper and much easier to buy OptiMind than it is to go out and buy all the Vitamins and nootropics separately. But luckily, you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it. The best way to find out whether it works is to try it. OptiMind is so confident about the results, they actually give you a free sample (they even pay for shipping). So read through the list of OptiMind ingredients, make sure you won’t be hit by adverse side effects and give it a try. I would recommend consulting a doctor if you have any medical conditions, allergies, or are worried about any of the ingredients.

Another thing I like, which most companies in this space are not doing, is they offer a 100% money back guarantee on the first order (including shipping and handling). This again shows they have confidence in their product working for you.

Many of the customer reviews online are positive. The negative reviews mention that they do not notice any difference, which is either because they didn’t take it long enough, or they might just process the ingredients differently or have a higher tolerance to substances like caffeine. There are plenty of user reviews that mention increased focus, energy and a feeling of sharpness. In fact, most users mention some sort of improvement – whether this is imagined or real – as long as it makes you feel like you can do more, I think it’s worth it.